My Holy Grail Skin Oil

I have been holding onto this secret for far too long. I decided it is time I share with all of you suffering with any type of dark pigmentation, acne, eczema, my holy grail skin saver.

A few years ago, after suffering from hormonal acne like many people do, I came across a natural alternative to help with breakouts and dark spots called Sea Buckthorn Oil. I figured I would give it a try, considering SO many products never worked for me.

I tried all different products from high end to drug store, the harsh acids, peels, facials, toners, holistic treatments, you name it I tried it. I even did the worst with the Advil and tooth paste hacks (Not recommended, obviously). Finally I ordered this Sea Buckthorn oil with Leven Rose, it took me less than 10 seconds to click purchase.

This cold pressed all natural oil literally CURED my acne, COMPLETELY erased my dark spots from scares and made my skin feel hydrated. I mean within a day I saw results. A DAY.

This oil has essential fatty acids, Vitamin A and C. It is anti inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral so it kills anything on your skin that would cause irritation, but naturally. No chemicals, alcohol, and other BS. It is known to heal any wounds, burns, rashes, and help with wrinkles and UV protection.

I really noticed it for the scares on my skin, any time I had a break out it would leave a beautiful reminder on my skin that never went away. The product really made it disappear and it helped build my collagen back after UV radiation (a story for another time).

Basically this is all I use, every day, and it has become my secret weapon whenever I need my skin to looks amazing I apply it before bed and wake up feeling so confident.

Signing off now,

OH and you are SO welcome, trust me you’ll be thanking me.

The Sassy Brunette