21 Life Lessons

Since The Sassy Brunette turned one and my 21st birthday was in the same month, I decided to dedicate this post to talk about some life lessons I’ve learned throughout my 21 years. This past year of 2018 was an extremely important year to me, I went through so much and learned a lot about myself with starting a blogging career, with relationships, and so much more. I think it’s important to take the time and reflect on what you learned because we are constantly changing, and being able to see where things either add value or take away value in our lives is something worth understanding. I’m not a life coach, this post is not to make you change your point of view on life, but the important lessons I’ve adapted to my life that I believe are beneficial for everyone!

Lesson #1. Don’t judge a person without putting yourself in their position- I have always had this in the back of my mind since I was a little girl. You never know what makes someone do something because you’re not them. Putting yourself in other’s shoes makes it easier to understand people and less judgemental.

Lesson #2. When people start to take more than they give, that’s when you need to end a friendship- This one is important because there is not one person who can’t relate to this. Friendship is a two way street, you can’t do things constantly to make people happy when they are not doing the same.

Lesson #3. The things you ignore in the beginning are the reasons it ends later- Don’t fight the feeling, if you know there’s something wrong then it will probably still be there towards the end.

Lesson #4. Nothing is unachievable with ambition.

Lesson #5. Be picky with the people you surround yourself with- energy is nothing to mess with.

Lesson #6. Do whatever makes you happy and repeat! Whatever it is, just surround yourself with things that you love and make you happy.

Lesson #7. Actions speak louder than words- that’s it.

Lesson #8. NEVER drink a four loco.

Lesson #9. Do not mix wine and liquor!

Lesson #10. There is a reason for every person that crosses your path.

Lesson #11. Cherish your family as much as you possibly can.

Lesson #12. It is the little thing’s that mean the most.

Lesson #13. Your mom is probably right- This may not apply to everyone, but 9/10 times my mom has been right about something, mothers intuition.

Lesson #14. If his friends are telling you he’s a bad guy, then he’s a bad guy!

Lesson #15. 9/10 times when you don’t want to go to the gym, you’ll feel it was worth it after.

Lesson #16. Don’t drink orange juice on an empty stomach.

Lesson #17. Don’t take life so seriously, the only way to make it through is with laughter.

Lesson #18. Never blame anyone in life. The good people give you happiness, the worst people give you a lesson and the best people give you memories.

Lesson #19. Love yourself first! You can’t pour from an empty cup!!!

Lesson #20. Travel as much as you can, this world is meant to be seen.

Lesson #21. Don’t waste your time on things and people you can’t change!

I hope these little quotes and life lessons brighten your mood and maybe give you some perspective on the important things in our lives! I know these things are important to me and love being able to share them with all of you.

Love, The Sassy Brunette