Restoration Hardware Adventures

The Place Where Anything Could Be Everything


Recently I visited my favorite spots in Chicago, right in the corner of Dearborn and Goethe Street, Restoration Hardware– located in the Gold Coast, lies a building of heavenly lattes and impeccable furniture that will make your mouth drop.

The entire building is five levels, each level dedicated to a specific part of a home. One level is bedroom pieces, living area, dining, child and baby bedroom, and my favorite part- outdoor designs! During the summer, the rooftop is open to relax and browse around.

You walk into the building and immediately are welcomed by big elegant chandeliers. There are large couches with throw pillows that probably cost more than your purse, and beautiful candles everywhere. Honestly it’s something out of a Baz Luhrmann film, which is not at all surprising while spending the day in the ritziest part of Chicago.

The courtyard is the main attraction, you’ll notice it the minute you walk in. Large glass doors surround the entire section. Inside are big trees and shrubs, the biggest chandelier and a fountain. If you plan on having lunch, Put your name down before you walk around and when you finally sit down to eat, order the lemon chicken- you will not regret it!

This place is the perfect pick me up! Spend a Sunday afternoon here, pick up a glass of Rosé at the 3 Arts Club Cafe and spend your day walking through every level. The food here is also incredible, and probably the best part of the experience.  It’s also a great place to visit during the week to get work done! Station yourself at any couch with a latte and get to work!

P.S– Highly recommended taking your moms here, because no one appreciates a glass of wine and expensive furniture like your mama!