Trip to Sarasota

Finally home from my trip to Sarasota, the second I landed back in Chicago I felt my tan literally fade from my skin! This 25 degree weather is not welcoming at all but I’m so glad I got to relax and come back refreshed! While out there, we traveled from Tampa to Siesta Key to Orlando, each town was very exciting to visit, they all have their own perks that made the trip non-stop exciting. We started in Siesta Key, a small beach town that is crazy adorable. It feels like you’re walking through a catalog of  Costal Living, everything is covered in beach front decor and bright colored buildings, plus they have killer daiquiri’s! We then went to Sarasota, where we spent majority of the time and the traveled to Orlando to visit Disney World! Although we were constantly on the move from activity to activity, this getaway was nothing short of mouth-watering meals. Every place we went to was spot on and satisfying as hell, which says a lot coming from my Italian background.

If you’re looking to plan a relaxing trip, I included the amazing restaurants I tried and must do activities!



La Creperie Caffe

One of best places, hands down I’ve ever tried for crepes! It’s right under the crepes off the streets in Paris, but this spot is not as far of a trip.  Nutella crepes with fresh fruit, and the Mamma Mia are my favorites!


Daiquiri Deck 

This place is great for a quick bite and a fabulous strawberry daiquiri! The open atmosphere and high top tables were very inviting and went along with the Siesta Key beach feel.


Columbia Restaurant 

Rated one of the best restaurants in town, all the locals suggested we go there and it did not disappoint! The Spanish restaurant took over two blocks and every seat was filled. The line was non stop to get in, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a restaurant so busy in my life. But it makes perfect sense because the food is i n c r e d i b l e. So so good, I highly recommend!

Enzo’s Hideaway

Located in Disney Springs, or otherwise known as Downtown Disney, this restaurant has amazing authentic italian food, so authentic that every employee in there was shipped directly from the motherland itself. Downtown Disney is so fun, you cannot go wrong with any restaurant, but this one was a must.


Visit the beach at Siesta Key: Like I said early, Siesta Key is such a cute beach town, everything is precise to the beach feel, all the shops and restaurants, it is very laid back and very Instagram worthy. But what they are best known for is the beach. It is rated the number one beach in the U.S! Just remember to bring your sunblock.


Mote Marine Aquarium: Okay this one was great because if you haven’t gotten sun in seven months like me, you probably need a break from all that burning you’ll be doing. Besides the indoor activity, it is actually really fun to visit an aquarium because 1. you probably never do and 2. its completely different in another state.


Walt Disney World: Self explanatory. All I have to say is that it is so worth going in your 20’s, you gain a greater appreciation for the little things and how great Disney made your childhood.


Sarasota getaway


Sarasota getaway


Sarasota getaway


Sarasota getaway


Sarasota getaway