Skincare When You’re Sick

Since I am sitting in the depths of a nasty cold virus, I thought the perfect time to inform others about skincare when you’re sick, is when you’re actually sick!

I have been doing a few things to help maintain moister and health in my skin that have helped a lot, especially since my body is lacking vitamins and nutrients.

To start, I have been sticking with a very simple routine to keep my skin balanced and lock in moister. Not going above and beyond with exfoliants and serums, because you can always have a reaction depending on what you put on your skin and put in your body with different medications. I start with an everyday gentle cleanser, and top it with Critical Moister by bioelements. This moisturizer is a professional grade hydrating formula that reliefs dry skin immediately. Keeping your skin extra hydrated will help since your body is so dehydrated from various medicines and mucus build up.

Next I apply my absolute favorite serum to help reduce wrinkles, dark spots, and keep moister in. Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, this oil has been life changing for me. It has high doses of natural antioxidants that fight sun damage, pigmentation, and much more. I apply it every night and I drastically saw my pigmentation from acne scars and acne itself go down. I like to use it to prevent any bacteria from spreading on my skin.

After I apply a serum I like to use a Rose Quartz Roller to fight puffiness and swelling in my skin. I really only see results in facial rollers when I put them in the freezer! Always moving in upward motions, the cool roller helps tighten the skin and relax. **I always swob with alcohol in-between uses.

When my lips need extra hydrating, since they always get so dry during a cold, I always apply Vaseline with a q-tip to prevent bacteria spreading through regular chapstick application. This locks in moister the best because all chapsticks are made with a Vaseline base. I use FarmHouse Fresh Lip Scrub before Vaseline application, when needed. I use a dry toothbrush and apply the scrub to my lips for full exfoliation.

Last but not least, when things get extra bad, I apply a thick layer of Aloe Vara Gel. I use 100% pure Aloe Vera Gel as a form of moisturizer. Apply this directly to areas that need healing and hydration, I always apply it under my nose and above my lip because of the irritation tissues cause against my skin. Aloe has healing properties in it to help relief burning and redness. I also apply Aloe anywhere that is extra dry, and it always does the trick!

Hope these little tricks help all of you in your healing process, or whether you just need a new, more gentle skin regime!


The Sassy Brunette