5 Ways to Instantly Feel Happier

Let’s face it, November is an incredibly hard month with transitioning to Day Light Savings Time, flu season, and and bracing colder weather. Add COVID-19 and 2020 on top of it too!

I can truthfully admit that seasonal depression has always affected me, ever since I was a teen. Something about the constant indoors and dark weather makes for a gloomy few months ( I would NEVER be able to live in Alaska!) but over the years I have developed some ways that instantly boost my mood and wanted to share them!


With lack of sun during the winter, especially those who live in the Midwest, it is sooo important to maintain Vitamin D sufficiency and get your daily dose. Studies show that Vitamin D deficiency will likely show no symptoms but it leads to depression, fatigue, and pain. We need it to function and maintain a healthy lifestyle and immunity. I take supplements everyday, and Emergen-C packets when I feel like I am getting sick or need a big dose! I instantly feel a noticeable difference once I take it, it will boost your mood!


I think everyone knows that essential oils and fragrances are known to provide stress relief, improve your mood and quality of life. I love to light some candles and set a cozy mood to create a happier environment. Fragrance like orange and lemon are scientifically shown improvement of mood. I enjoy my Bath and Body Works as well, especially the holiday editions!

3- 90’S R/B TUNES

Something about jamming out to classic 90’s Hiphop and R/B really changes your mood and helps relief stress, as well as gets you to focus and complete tasks! I am a big music fan, so it really works for me! Enjoy listening to any music you prefer.


Easier said than done! I know this one can be difficult, especially with limited access to outdoors and workout equipment. I truly believe having a weekly schedule of exercise will improve your mood and it will feel good to know you are taking care of yourself. For me, when I exercise it is easier for me to watch what I eat because it gives me a reason, especially with the holiday goodies that are coming up!


If you have a constant schedule, you will be able to make time for the things you need to get done and time for yourself! Keep your living areas organized because clutter causes stress. Write down your goals so you can achieve them, it makes it easier to get them done when you take the time to go over what you want to achieve!

Most importantly,

Go easy on yourself! Sticking with an extreme work or personal schedule can be hard, allow yourself time to relax in every aspect of life and find things of enjoyment during these months.

I hope these tips help create a happier environment for you like they do for me! Comment if you recommend anything else, or if these worked for you!


The Sassy Brunette

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