30 Day Detox- Challenge Accepted!

Okay guys. I did it. I dedicated 30 days to detoxifying my body! With my regular healthy eating habits and workout routine, I figured it would be a piece of cake but honestly it kicked my butt! Once I started, I couldn’t stop (probably because I’m stubborn) but I’m so glad I did it because the results are amazing!!

I decided to detox because after the holidays, I found myself constantly craving sugar and nothing seemed to give me a caffeine kick anymore. If you experience anything like an Italian Christmas, you know that no cookie gets left behind…  So to get me out of eating all my nonna’s cookies,  I quit caffeine, sugar, and carbohydrates for a whole month. The first few days were absolutely terrible. I was so tired all day, and I couldn’t turn to sugar or caffeine to give me a boost of energy. I was relying totally on the energy from the rest I got that night and the meals I had. But after the first week, I actually really enjoyed detoxing. I was drinking herbal tea a few times a day and I noticed I actually felt really energetic. When I woke up and throughout the day I felt great, and I was sleeping way better at night. If you’re having too much caffeine, even if it doesn’t give you the energy you want during the day, it can cause an imbalance on how you sleep.

During the month, I relied mostly on salads for lunch and a protein (chicken or salmon) with vegetables for my dinner. It was challenging to plan your meals around having no carbohydrates because a lot of vegetables have starch, which is just a supplement for carbohydrates. The mornings were the most challenging because of the time limit to prepare a meal and not having that simple coffee and toast routine anymore. But everything else is pretty simple to find meals once you get the hang of it.

Also while detoxify, I avoided fruit because of its high natural sugar content, and I started snacking on almonds and having lots of greek yogurt. Tea is a must have on your detox voyage, I found the Sahara Tea to be magical and there is a different one for a variety of needs. They have one for stress relief, digestive aid, purification and many more.

detox tea

Tips If you detox:

  • Start off slowly – cut out sugars and heavy carbohydrates (breads, pastas, rice).
  • Find a different source for caffeine at first, I used green tea! It’s a better alternative and you won’t feel sick going without an energy kick all day.
  • Once you start, keep going! Even if you’re only a few days in, you started something that will benefit you in the end.
  • Don’t force yourself if you’re not reacting it to well! Give yourself some credit for at least trying, the important thing is going at your own pace.
  • Remember to drink lots of water and tea!!

After my detox ended I honestly felt great! It gave me exactly what I needed, a clean slate to completely restart. I’m over my constant sugar cravings, and although I’m back on my coffee grind, I’m not depended on it to give me energy. I think a detox is great for anyone who feels a bit off balance with their health. It’s perfect for those who need to just restart, or if you’ve been having stomach troubles. For my end results, I found myself naturally energetic, happier and healthier, it also really helped with sleep and made my skin look radiant.

It’s tough once you start but the outcome is amazing, I highly recommend giving it a try, at least for a week and I swear you’ll notice a difference!



Disclaimer: all opinions are my own. Always consult your healthcare provider before stopping or starting any healthcare regimen!