AIR Fitness

AIR Fitness… AKA Aerial Yoga

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your workout routine… Air Fitness is the place for you. I’ve always admired aerial dancers growing up, so when they came out with a workout workshop just for that, I had to try it out!

AIR Fitness is ideal for strength training in all muscle groups, but it mainly revolves around core fitness. If you sign up, you have to begin with a couple of foundation classes to get the hang out the rope. Within the class, you’ll do exercises like burpees, pull-ups, squats, and sit ups, all while elevating your body on the rope… its amazing.

AIR fitness

But if you happen to go in with the intention of doing some bad ass yoga poses on the rope like I did, you’ll walk out very mistaken… and a little sore. The foundation classes are meant to have you build the strength you may lack while pulling and pushing your body weight on the ropes. The ability to hold your weight while balancing on the ropes is something you definitely need to work towards.

But nothing good comes easy, if you want it you have to work for it!

Happy yoga-ing friends