Surviving Winter Wardrobe


Winters in the Midwest can be extremely challenging to deal with. You have the constant cold weather, and the snow that can ruin your outfit or your travels. I’m here to ease the hardship winter can bring, and give you some advice about how to style to stay warm and look great!

First and foremost, sweatpants and fuzzy socks are a MUST HAVE during the several months of winter, end of discussion. But when it comes to actually getting out of the house its time to put them away and throw something cute on (even if you don’t want to).

I loveee to wear a big hoodie and pants that have a heavy lining on the inside so I stay nice and toasty! Its my go to style, and sometimes I look like a bum while doing it, but recently I discovered that anything looks great when you have a nice coat and cute shoes on. Like score.

Below I’m wearing:

Coat-Via Spiga

Hoodie/Leggings- Zara

Boots- Sam Edelman
winter wardrobe

winter wardrobe

Big Shirts, Leather Jackets and Tall Boots

Alright so besides the big hoodies and thick leggings, you need to switch it up once and a while! For the days you can get away with a light coat, you might as well throw on a leather jacket. They’re so fashionable with just about anything, and gives your outfit that special touch. I really love pairing it with over the knee boats, (I pretty much wear over the knee with everything) and to give it some sass I also paired it with high waisted plaid leggings.


Jacket- Romeo & Juliet



Boots- Steve Madden

winter wardrobe

winter wardrobe

winter wardrobe