HOW TO: Throw a Bachelorette Party in Mexico

A bachelorette is a time for celebration with friends and family, and recognition of your final days of being a single lady! Whenever you hear “bachelorette party,” you already know that means love is in the air… but so is the smell of tequila shots washed down by sugary margaritas and fresh tortilla chips crunching up in the oven. YES, I am talking about THE bachelorette party out-of-country for yourself or your lovely bride-to-be BFF.

Here is a HOW TO: Throw a bachelorette party in Mexico, (specifically, Puerto Vallarta)

First things first- You need to set a date (duh), get your group of girls together, book your flights and hotel… I am not going to tell you how to do that, we are all capable women here so I will skip to the good stuff.

You need to set an itinerary. This is a must. Do not skip this step, women need to know who, what, when, where, and why… it is simply in our DNA to plan ahead, especially so we can plan what we are wearing!!! Making sure everyone is on board for different excursions will make things easier for everyone to work well together. It is most definitely a team effort to get a group of girls from point A to B, so direction is important. Also, it makes dividing up payments more manageable and lets your group know what to expect as far as activities and payments. Make sure you browse through some restaurant ideas you are interested in, prior to traveling. Don’t forget that a big group requires reservations at most places, so it is good to know where you want to go ahead of time and book it!

After everyone is on board and ready to go, you can start planning the fun stuff. The resorts, cabanas, club tables, and decorations!

On the itinerary for our bride, Nicolette’s Bach Week, was a beach day at Mozzamare Resort. This is not your typical beach day, but a luxurious beach club with gourmet dining. We payed a fee that allowed us to eat and drink all day long. While sipping mojito’s in beautiful linen cabanas on the beach, we also had chairs set up at their infinity pool overlooking the ocean. The music left an incredible vibe across the resort, very modern and elegant. When you walk in you truly feel like you’re walking into the sunshine of paradise.

After a long day at Mozzamare, we got ourselves dressed up and hit the marina. Some of the best Italian food you can eat in town is at Portobello’s. It was definitely satisfying eating saucy carbs after a long day of drinking, but the food was great and the view of the marina was something to see.

The following day, we had ourselves a night on the town, at downtown scene in Puerto Vallarta. Deep into the mountains it seemed that everything was uphill with cobalt stone, which does not make good friends with heels. Before we went to the clubs, on our to-do list was an amazing restaurant called The Iguana, at Casa Kimberly. The beautiful summer homes of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, where they fell in love filming Night of the Iguana. At the hotel and restaurant, you can see the Puente Del Amor or Bridge of Love, where the two homes connect. Instantly when you walk into Casa Kimberly, you are welcomed by a beautiful foyer that leads upstairs to the bridge, and furthermore, up to the restaurant, where you instantly witness the entirely open concept. The whole restaurant is open windows, and an open courtyard with the prettiest fountain. I loved experiencing this place, it was warm and inviting and had amazing food. It’s perfect to celebrate any special event.

How to: Throw a bachelorette party in Mexico

One of our last excursion, or events we planned on was a cabana day at Mantamar, which was most definitely our most eventful day! Mantamar is a gay beach resort with a stunning view, an infinity pool that fades into the ocean, and a walk up pool bar. This place was really one for the books, I loved the view it was something really special. If you and your girls plan on visiting here, make sure you plan ahead because the cabanas book up in advance!

The last part to a successful bachelorette is playing the part and decorating everything to the T! This may be the best part, because you can get wild with your decorations. We found these super cute decorations on Amazon! Banners, balloons, and goodie bags were all found on Amazon as well. To go with the “Final Fiesta” theme, each goodie bag got a ring pop candy, cactus shot glass, flamingo cup floaty, and personalized shirts and sunglasses. Games are also fun to utilize as you surprise your bride-to-be with “who bought what” and have her match the gifts according to who she believes bought it.

Overall, throwing a bachelorette party should be as fun planning as it is attending it, especially when it is over seas! This is your chance to get as creative as you can and help celebrate the bride and her last single days!