Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man

Shopping for a guy is the most difficult thing to do, especially when you have a limited time to do it. I put together the perfect list of last minute gift ideas, organized by price point because everyone celebrates in a different way!

$30 and less

-If your man is anything like mine- if it includes golf, he will love it! Found this inexpensive PGA Chipping Net that they will love!

-Any kind of slippers is perfect, especially with the winter weather everyone loves something cozy! This pair is from Amazon, so perfect for last minute gifts.

-A really great gift idea that I love to do once in a while is a Spa Day Gift, something you can do together! Go for mani/pedi’s together or make an appointment for a massage. Something that they wouldn’t normally do for themselves! ($30+)

$50 and up

-A casual white sneaker is the best because it will go with anything and look great. Get these Adidas pair at Nordstrom Rack! ($45)

-Custom Monogram Coffee Mug and Warmer, says WFH in style! I love the customized portion of this gift, it makes it so special and the warmer is next level if you are a slow coffee drinker (guilty!) ($70+)

Personalized Gift Book from LoveBookOnline! I got this one for another occasion, it truly is the most unique and special gift you can give someone. You custom make a book, pick a theme (Valentine’s Day for example), and design your characters and tell your love story! They even have options of pre-written pages if you’re not too wordy. I absolutely loved this, and I thought it was worth the time and money. ($50+)

If you’re looking to get something special and a little more expensive, this Burberry Belt Bag is extremely trendy and really nice for traveling. I love the red design because it really stands out and will match a lot of tones. ($900+)

Jewelry, my absolute favorite but so hard to find for men. I love the whole Effy brand because its really classy and great quality. Any piece you get you will be happy with! I’ve ordered from this brand, and I love it. The price is worth every penny and they have sales often! ($125+)

Grooming Travel Kit from Kiehl’s, any type of shampoo set is really nice regardless of travel because it allows men to try different products that maybe they wouldn’t typically use.

Hope this little list helps make your Valentine’s Day shopping for him a quick and happy experience! If there are other options you enjoyed, let me know and happy Valentine’s Day loves!



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