Do’s & Don’ts in Miami

If you’re going to do Miami, you have to do it right. After a beautiful weekend there (my first time ever!) I put together a list for you to get it right on your first try and make your trip much more memorable! I can’t create a full guide based on my short trip, but I can recommend the places we went to and what you should and shouldn’t do on your trip.


Do research your hotel! Just because it says Miami, doesn’t mean its a desired area!!! Miami is big, so make sure you plan where you stay in proximity to where you want to go.

Do research the best restaurants and locations, and MAKE RESERVATIONS! Some places are booked out for months.

Do dress to impress, you never know who you will run into!

Do leave space in your suitcase for any shopping!

DO get late night Moshi Moshi, it was so satisfying.


Don’t forget sunscreen! Apply and reapply.

Don’t forget your wallet (Anthony’s recommendation)

Don’t forget to look into pricing for everything. Restaurants, cocktails, and nightclubs are much more expensive than other locations so be prepared.

Don’t forget to ask if gratuity is included, because it most likely is (they mark it as service charge).

Don’t get late night Moshi Moshi if you aren’t willing to wait 45 mins for it! (24/7 sushi with a hefty line at all hours)

Restaurant Rec’s

#1 Papi Steak – This was one hell of an experience! Absolutely incredible food (by far the best ever), amazing service, and exciting environment. The second you finish something off your plate, it is taken away and trust me you will be eating fast because the food is out of this world. The atmosphere is so fun, with the great music and drinks, everyone in the restaurant is having a good time together.

You absolutely need to book reservations in advanced! If you are going to splurge on anything during your stay in Miami, this is the place. Plus, you want to make sure you are dressed for the occasion, you will most likely be dining next to your favorite singers, ball players, and celebs! Oh and order the Hamachi Crudo and the Papi Steak, you will not regret it!

Estiatorio Milos – If you love Greek food, this is the place. But it is not your traditional Greek, you will be experiencing a fusion of Greek that is heavily seafood based. I love seafood so this was an amazing experience, everything we ordered was to die for and it was such an elegant restaurant. I highly recommend!!

Planta – First thing to know about Planta, is that it’s completely vegan so on the menu is mock sushi, pizza, and plenty of appetizers. I thought all the appetizers were great but I am not a big fan of vegan pizza, and the sushi… I’m sorry is not the same without any fish! This was a fun experience, trying something new. The atmosphere is very young and trendy, they have great drinks and dessert! I would recommend if you enjoy vegan or you’re looking for something different!

Hope you enjoyed my little Do’s and Don’ts! I look forward to seeing what you guys recommend for next time or if these helped you prepare for your trip.