Top Two Lipstick Combinations


After years of searching, I finally found the perfect lipstick combinations and I’m so so so excited to share it with everyone. This combo makes my lips look plump and natural. Having smaller lips it was always difficult to find a lipstick that was just right, the color was either too bright or too dark!

I noticed that lining my lips with a neutral color first made them look larger and held as a good base before my lipstick. So when I came across my new go-to lipliner from NYX, I shed a tear. Glide on, stay on, and definitely a turn on waterproof liner in shade Nude Suede Shoes. It’s WATERPROOF and smudge proof, which is incredible because lipliner has a tendency to run. Bonus- if you get into one of those ‘can’t stop kissing you’ moments with your man, it won’t rub off. 😉

This liner is a matte finish, which at first I did not like because of the dry feeling, but after seeing what my lips looked like after wearing it for a few hours I had a revelation. The matte actually enhances the shape of my lips and it stays on for the long run. I wear this liner everyday, for almost any event and I just pair it with a gloss or a bright lipstick.

top two lipstick combinations NYX Lip Liner + Lorac Lip Gloss

My second favorite is the Relentlessly Red Matte Lipstick from MAC and the NYX Buttercream lip stain.

top two lipstick combinations MAC has an incredible selection of lipsticks, every shade and every texture, but this red is just the perfect amount of brightness and subtleness that I’ve found! It is extreme matte, so if you’re not a fan of matte this is not for you! But as I said earlier, the matte colors make my lips look larger so this red was just perfect for me. Its beautiful on its own, but the dryness can be overpowering, so I pair it with NYX Buttercream Lip Stain to give it a creamy gloss finish!

top two lipstick combinationsMAC Lipstick + NYX LipGloss

I hope you guys fall in love with these shades as much as I did! Give me feedback if it worked for you or if you have recommendations, I’m always searching for new shades to try!