3 Products for Summer Glow

Skin care hit an all time high in 2020, when stay at home orders gave a new meaning to natural skin and face covering masks created irritation beyond inconvenience. Everyone has been investing in new products to create clear and healthy skin!

While the past few months, I drowned my skin in hydrating serums, oils, and creams, I masked almost every night and jade rolled ruthlessly, but my skin was still lacking the summer glow.

I found 3 new products that helped push my skin routine over the edge and gave me a flawless look with more color, bounce, and uh, GLOW!

#1 Active C10 Vitamin C Wrinkle Cream by La Roche Posay

I discovered this serum from a quick Walgreens run, which led to free samples and an unproductive evening where I tested the product. I normally never ever use samples because I like to research products/brands before I commit and apply it to my skin (if you have sensitive skin, you’ll know). The second I put the product on, I felt instantly hydrated and warm. This product has active Vitamin C and antioxidants, so I quickly felt my skin warm up with the product and it had a really nice texture on my skin. The next day, my skin was rosier and less dull. I love this product because it helps with texture and dullness, it really evened everything out and gave me a perfect glow! It may even clear up some dark spots!

This brand is all natural, dermatologist tested and perfect for sensitive skin. You’ll even find an expiration date on their products, which really matters for sensitive skin!!

#2 Self Tanning Water by Isles of Paradise

This self tanner is revolutionary. It smells amazing because it is jam-packed with all natural ingredients like coconut oil, avocado oil, and more! Natural scented self tanners are so hard to find, but this one smells light, and even keeps its fresh scent as it develops. You apply it and it develops over time, so no need to fight that orange color that most tanners create.

I spray it onto a makeup brush and apply it in desired areas, after a few hours it will show up on your skin and give you that summer glow. I really love this product because of its smell, the water aspect that doesn’t instantly stain your skin, and it really gives me a warm glow that I can only achieve with the sun.

I use the dark color, because go big or go home.

#3 Glow Skin SPF 50 by Supergoop!

3 Products for Summer Glow

This is GLOW CITY! You can instantly feel hydration on your skin and see how healthy your skin looks after applying. The clear, fragrance free SPF is a game changer for those that want to wear nothing but still protect themselves from UV rays. This is perfect for dry skin textures, and giving your skin a fresh dewy look. I would say, a little goes a long way- especially if you are going in the summer heat, it may melt down after a long time in the sun. This product is ALL natural, vegan, and cruelty free.

Happy Glowing,


The Sassy Brunette