Forever Roses Gift Idea

I have ALWAYS wanted Forever Roses, I think they are the most beautiful and intimate gift you can give someone, because honestly I think everyone loves to receive a bouquet of flowers and everyone hates to throw them out after a week. Le Jardin Infini (“the infinite garden”) has the most beautiful arrangements that are made to last!

With forever bouquets you can put them anywhere, (a coffee table or book shelf are the best!) its super light weight, and it is beyond low maintenance, so no need to water them or anything! Le Jardin Infini uses a natural, non-toxic preservative so no chemicals and it makes the roses last up to a year!

My experience with Le Jardin Infini has been amazing! I received a forever rose before from a different company and it came in completely smashed. With Le Jardin Infini, the outer packaging is labeled fragile and contains the brand label so any delivery system knows its a delicate package. The inside packaging is so beautiful, the box is wrapped in a ribbon and you gently pull the box off to find the roses are packaged with a plastic liner and wooden sticks to keep from any smashing during delivery.

They have no fragrance (which I prefer) so you cannot put any on there but it is nice that it is made to last comfortably in your house without any strong scent. I absolutely recommend purchasing Forever Roses with Le Jardin Infini! They make an amazing house warming gift, anniversary, and birthday gift and it is very reasonably priced. You can spend the same amount on fresh flowers but these are built to last.

Hope you have some lovely flowers coming your way, because I know it’ll make you as happy as it did for me!


The Sassy Brunette

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