The Magic Penthouse

This past weekend, The Sassy Brunette took on an event hosted at the Palomar Kimpton Hotel in Chicago called The Magic Penthouse. This magical event was an elegant cocktail party tailored with personalized magic tricks and live entertainment just for you. You’re so close to the action, you can physically be apart of the magic, but you’ll never guess how they actually pull it off, even when you are doing it with them. This event had me on my toes all night, constantly shocked and excited to see what happens next! When I first walked in, we were brought into an area where we were able to socialize and get cocktails, and there was plenty of photo ops. After we got our drinks, we were asked into a separate ballroom where the magic began. Each magician had a set on stage where they performed for the group. Each set of shows was crazier and crazier, with wine bottles appearing in front of your eyes, Rubik’s cube being solved in 3 seconds, and mine reading that had my mouth dropped the entire evening. I was the subject of Mark Toland’s mind reading set, where he asked me to write down as far as I could remember, my first childhood crush. I wrote it down, held onto it, and just by looking at my eyes, he wrote down the name and held it over my head, and I announced to the group what name I had down. It was so shocking, I don’t think I will ever forget such a thing.

After each magician performed, the magic did not stop there. The walls of the ballroom opened up where there was a beautiful view of the city, live music, drinks and appetizers and much more tricks to come. What I really liked about this event was the concept behind it. They didn’t simply put on a performance, but you got to interact with them and drink with them, and be apart of the show. They do little tricks throughout the night, to anyone and everyone. It was so much fun and honestly had me amazed all night. Besides the fancy magic tricks, they are all really entertaining so if you don’t buy their magic, you’ll leave with a few laughs. This event is only hosted once a month so they can have their top magical performers there each time. This event is not the only place you can witness this kind of experience, they do special events like cooperate parties, holiday parties and summer outing.

The magic penthouse

Final thoughts: The Magic Penthouse was so fun, when we left we couldn’t wait to tell everyone about the amazing night we had. I think it would be an incredible gift to someone, a REALLY good date, or something to plan when people come to town! It’s rated 5 stars on Trip Advisor, which I can vouch and say it really is worth 5 stars. Just make sure you book in advance, since it is only hosted once a month and always sells out. I can’t wait to go again!


The Sassy Brunette